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Digital Signage

Affordable and Unique Open Platform, HTML5 Digital signage solutions.

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Web Design

Creating web solutions that enable SMB's to maximize visibility online.

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About Us

Our Business Model 1+1=11

Brave Brands, Inc., is a collaborative design agency that produces web sites, digital signages and mobile apps without the expense of using a large scale agency. We don't have a downtown office or a huge staff of employees, so you will not find (or pay for) multiple layers of administration, account managers or 101 questions for a creative brief.

Our virtual agency business model allows us to offer "big agency" level work, with timely fullfllment and affordable cost to our clients. The level of service and responsiveness that we provide to our clients is something that larger agencies simply cannot match.

Our business model allows us to focus on creating a team with specific skills needed for the client's project. Creative and technical teams are matched to the project based on several factors such as industry expertise, budget or working history.

We like hearing from prospective clients. Tell us about your project and see how we can help your business grow.

Let the ideas flow freely and grow without any constraints. No limits, no rules, no fear.... Free Thinking.

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Skype: bravebrands | 909.297.5882



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